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As the owner and founder of Something Sweet & Neat, my vision is to share my creations with you and serve as a wellspring of educational and enjoyable inspiration. Our Practical Playsets are thoughtfully curated around straightforward themes, offering children engaging tools to play and cultivate early childhood skills in a non-traditional teaching approach!

Every day, women, mothers, and educators visit SS & N seeking inspiration for their daily routines, encompassing educational activities and the design of spaces for children to explore and learn.

Let's champion the "Help Me Do It Myself" approach and empower the little hands of our children to achieve remarkable feats.

“Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed.”
-Maria Montessori

Hi, I'm Sandy!

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Did You Know?

Do you ever wonder what Practical Life is all about? These exercises are specifically crafted to help children develop the skills needed to navigate and engage with their environment effectively. Practical


Life activities encourage qualities such as orderliness, concentration, coordinated movement, and the refinement of both fine and gross motor skills.


Through these exercises, children not only acquire essential life skills but also build independence and self-assurance by learning to perform tasks in their surroundings without undue assistance.

Did You Know?

Employing familiar materials like pasta, kernels, and rice can foster children's independence when it comes to self-feeding. As they fill bowls with these vibrant and colorful materials, children have the opportunity to cultivate vital early childhood skills. These activities promote the strengthening of fine motor control, the development of wrist coordination, self-care abilities, enhanced overall coordination, heightened concentration, increased independence, and a multitude of other valuable skills and attributes.

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