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Are you wondering what is Practical Life?  These exercises are designed to teach children to function in their environment; promoting order, concentration, coordination of movement, fine and gross motor skills.  Children gain independence and self confidence as they learn to function in their surroundings without unnecessary aid.

Practical Life meet the child's deep inner needs, some of which are known to him/her and some of which are not known to him/her.  It also provides for self-mastery, problem solving, critical thinking and an "I can do it!" attitude within the child.  Practical Life is meant to be repeated again and again; therefore requires much creative thinking on the part of the adult in the environment.  It also is often soothing and therapeutic for the child.  It is recommended that the environment be changed as often as once a month to encourage the interest and repetition.  Practical Life materials, tools and equipment are real!

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