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Apple Fruit Tasting

We extended the apple fruit type lesson to a tasting one!

Autumn is definitely apple season and it’s the perfect time to explore different types of apples.

Apple Fruit Tasting is like a scientific experiment where you can taste and learn:

•Different Tastes

•Physical characteristics

•Taste discrimination

•Visual Discrimination including it's color, shape, and size

Points of Interest:

Does the external look give justice to the taste? When the apple looks delicious from the outside, does it mean that it is also sweet?

A loves Granny Smith and Fuji, which she eats everyday. Her least favorite was Golden Delicious, she claims that it was too soft in texture.

Extension: For the older ones, you could try to blind fold them and it can get really fun!

If you try this lesson please tag and share it with us, we would love to see how you presented this lesson.


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