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Glass Polishing

Glass is fun and simple to polish and I have decided to turn this into a Fall inspired lesson by changing the object that is being polished and the cleaning agent.

You can easily change out objects by following your child's interest. For us, we typically flow the seasons and holidays these days and so it is a nice way to transition them through the seasons in the most fun way. I have use lemon juice and vinegar in the past, but this time I tried to use Apple Cider Vinegar. It sure has a distinct scent to it and I was curious to see what A thought of it. She didn't say she loved it but she didn't mind the strong smell either.

**This is an intermediate level activity, but I have simplified it where even younger toddlers can enjoy it.

This develops OCCI, order, concentration, coordination, independence, judgement.

Develops care of self

Develops fine motor control

Develops Wrist and Eye-hand coordination



We did leave out the drying part with a felt cloth simply because it was dry by the time she was ready.

What can you find in your home that's glass and publishable by your little one?


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