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Jewelry Open & Close

Opening and closing is a preliminary lesson in the Montessori curriculum and is a prerequisite for most practical lessons in the Montessori environment.


Basket, several different kinds of small containers, and objects. In A's open and close, I always try to make it personal and create a lesson that fits her needs and interests. She loves jewelry boxes and going through each piece since she was a toddler.

Direct Aims:

  1. Order

  2. Coordination

  3. Concentration

  4. Independence

  5. Analyzing different containers

Indirect Aim:

  1. Care of environment

  2. Child will have the ability to successfully perform other lessons and tasks.


Find different shapes, sizes, colors, and variety of opening and closing mechanism containers for this activity. Choose a theme that your child would be interested in or a topic you would like to introduce. Go with the holiday theme and make this activity an exciting addition to your shelf.

Open and close is such an important activity for the early years that develops skills that are needed in life. Start hunting for objects and boxes around your home!

I would love to if you love or have tried this lesson.

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